• Choose from Flat, Shallow or Deep Convexity in either Pre-Cut or Cut-To-Fit Flanges
  • The softest, most flexible and comfortable convexity available
  • Includes AquaTack™ Hydrocolloid Barrier:
  • Covers the entire flange for maximum skin protection, yet removes easily and seals securely
  • Absorbs skin moisture and adheres to moist skin
  • Built-in Belt Tabs for use with Marlen’s Elastic Waist Belt (except for SuperFlat™ Pouches)
  • “Flo-Thru™” Charcoal Filter systems continuously filters odors from both sides of the filter thanks to its patented central suspension design
  • Odor-proof pouch material
  • Quiet, built-in comfort cover facing the body
  • Leak-proof for added protection and security


For MAXimum Choice and MAXimum Flexibility in a One-Piece System
  • Unique Petal Design creates a flexible, comfortable fit for all abdominal contours (UltraMax Deep only)


One-Piece Disposable Ostomy System for Patients with LARGER Stomas
  • For patients who have had Colostomies and have larger stomas
  • Available with Flat flanges only in Cut-To-Fit up to 80mm
  • Round and oval guides included


Marlen’s Flattest, Most Discreet Pouch Ever
  • 50% thinner than a standard flange


A two-piece pouch with Marlen’s exclusive “E-Z Guide™” Locating System
  • Flexibility of a two-piece system

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